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February 21, 2023
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When you’re breaking ground on a new house, you have so many choices to make – location, style, size, amenities, and more. And, when you’re looking to build a luxury home, your choices are even more important. You want your luxury home to show off your personal style, certainly, and you want to spend wisely on the right technology while ensuring you have all of the indulgences you crave. After all, a luxury home is a big investment, and you want to make sure you build the exact home you have in your imagination.

So, what makes a luxury home? Read on to learn the latest features and amenities that go into a luxury home.

1. Location

There’s so much truth to the adage that location is the most important element of real estate. The question is, what does a luxury location mean to you? Do you want a secluded spot in the mountains? Do you want a large plot of land in the woods? Do you want to be close to major roads or attractions? Or does a waterfront location scream luxury to you?

No matter what factor is most important to you, don’t skimp on this. Your house may be gorgeous and it may have every bell and whistle you want, but if it’s not in the perfect location, you’re selling yourself short.

2. Materials

A When planning a luxury home, it’s wise to consider the types of materials you want to use. Using higher-end materials can make your home stronger, longer lasting, and more stylish as well. Modern luxury homes may feature glass walls and doors, allowing for lots of natural light.

You can put a lot of thought into your windows. They don’t have to be just clear rectangles anymore. Consider unusual or unique window shapes or opt for stained glass. Talk to your builder about window placement. The right placement can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Another common luxury material is aluminum, which is both strong and light and environmentally responsible.

You should consider using luxury materials in the interior of your home as well. When crafting your dream kitchen or bathroom, consider marble and granite for a luxe look. Going even further, you can use natural stone for the bathroom walls to create texture or in the shower for a sleek look.

Think about creative uses for glass in your bathroom, making luxury glass shower enclosures, introducing glass shelves or frosted windows, or even glass knobs and pulls for an extra touch of elegance. On that note, work with your builders to create custom vanities so you have a one-of-a-kind piece to show off.

3. Landscaping

Chances are your luxury home will sit on a large plot of land. That much space gives you the perfect opportunity to accentuate your style and curb appeal with luxe landscaping. You can have gorgeous plants, intricate topiary, and a lush lawn, and you can also use your landscaping choices to give you a measure of privacy, which is key for a luxury home.

Think about elegant and unusual plants, trees, and flowers for your landscaping needs. Consider ornamental grasses like white sage, mace sedge, and blue fescue. Try flowers like Bleeding Heart, Cranesbill, Japanese Primrose, and Drumstick Primula.

Though it can be difficult to design, implement, and maintain, having gorgeous landscaping – and a measure of privacy – will make you feel more at home in your luxury house.

4. Outdoor Amenities

No one says all that square footage needs to be filled with plants, though. Having a large plot of land allows you to include all of the outdoor features you’ve always craved. How about a swimming pool? Or a tennis/pickleball court? What about a luxurious outdoor dining area with a high-end grill, firepit, and cinema? You could add fountains or other water features, gorgeous exterior lighting, or whatever your heart desires.

5. The Latest Technology

When you are building a home from scratch, you have the opportunity to work the latest technology into your design from the beginning. With smart home technology, you can control everything from your lighting to your thermostat to your security system or even your smart appliances with your smartphone or even your voice. But luxury tech can go beyond smart devices. You can have a home theater that rivals the multiplex down the street, your very own arcade, or even a dance club if you’d like!

6. Custom Carpentry

When you’re focusing on luxury housing, details count. In this vein, you can focus on finished carpentry, directing your contractor to work on those final details, including trim, molding, and other interior features. Features such as custom trim can show off your unique style and give your rooms character.

And you can go further, choosing recessed or tray ceilings, a trendy way to beautify a room while helping control temperatures in older houses. These ceilings look like upside down trays set into our ceiling, providing a dynamic, three-dimensional effect. A similar effect can be found in a coffered ceiling, which creates an inset grid pattern in your ceiling.

You can talk to your carpenter about wood choices as well. Let’s say you want to have a library in your home. Choose exotic woods like mahogany, koa, and African padauk, are durable and strong but also unique and exciting.

7. Sustainability

One of the biggest trends in luxury construction these days is eco-friendly construction. Using environmentally conscious building methods and materials allows homeowners to create the home of their dreams while providing them with the peace of mind to know they are doing their part to help foster green and sustainable construction. Architects and builders are focused on decreasing carbon footprints using 3D printed concrete, salvaged materials, bamboo, and more.

In terms of energy efficiency, you should consider solar panels, which are environmentally sound and help your power bill. Using geo-thermal heat for your home is a popular trend, as is implementing tankless water heaters to save money and energy.

Check with your team and let them know you want to spend money wisely on sustainable building materials.

8. Dedicated Rooms for Every Interest

Top luxury home feature lists always include rooms based on the hobbies, interests and passions of homeowners. Massage rooms, craft studios, and music production rooms all speak to a demand for dedicated spaces to play, create, and work to enhance qualify of life. House Beautiful lists these 10 luxury features for 2023, which satisfy a variety of health and wellness needs.

  1. Salt Water Pools
  2. Massage Rooms
  3. Cold Plunge Pools
  4. Wine Cellars
  5. Energy Efficient Fireplaces
  6. Water Purification Systems
  7. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  8. Well-Kept Gardens
  9. Cork Spray
  10. Electric Car Charging Stations

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All of these decisions and factors may seem overwhelming. You want the house of your dreams, but keeping up with maintenance, landscaping, security and more can be daunting. Fortunately, with a property manager, you can have a trusted professional working with you side-by-side on your biggest investment, giving you peace of mind… and time to enjoy your luxury home. Learn more about property management today.

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