How We Work

Step 1

Our service begins with an inspection of your home by your Dedicated Account Manager. We conduct a full analysis of your home’s interior and exterior systems and document repair and maintenance needs. Then, we engage our team of vetted professional service providers and start the estimating process.

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Step 2

After the initial inspection, we create your account in our cloud-based home management system which will help you organize all your home’s repair, maintenance, and renovations records. These records help you keep track of improvement and expenses from year to year and they are also beneficial at tax time and when you are ready to sell.

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Step 3

Your AVMRE account manager will then work with you to create your inspection, maintenance, and renovation schedules for the year to ensure every part of your home is addressed each season.

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Step 4

Then, we schedule the estimates, compare quotes, plan work schedules, and supervise all projects to ensure they are completed properly and on time. We also guarantee all the work delivered by our fully insured local service providers and sub-contractors.

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Step 5

Finally, if it is convenient for you, we will handle your bill payments. You can write one monthly check to AVMRE and we will review all of your invoices for accuracy and make prompt payments to your service providers.

In addition, when you need emergency services or advice about appliance, equipment, or technology purchases, our 24/7 concierge is always available.


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