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April 4, 2021
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April 2, 2021
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Association boards juggle several priorities that impact quality of life and the bottom line. AVMRE provides professional research and analysis so boards can make informed decisions, implement with transparency, and measure progress. One size does not fit all. We make sure your board of directors has clearly identified objectives that we can track on a regular basis.

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Governing Excellence

Community Associations generally have four main objectives:

  • creating board excellence
  • optimizing property value
  • driving high owner satisfaction levels, and
  • continuously improving through technology and innovation

We achieve these objectives through the following areas of focus:

Board Management. Our board management approach ensures best practices are learned and applied. This fosters boards that can apply their unique skills and talents to benefit your property long-term.

Property Management. Our comprehensive property management services include concierge, maintenance, system improvements, and personal assistance. Learn more.

Communication Services. We are dedicated to communication that is helpful, accurate and timely. This contributes to engaged and satisfied owners and tenants that have pride in their community.

Technology and Innovation. We apply technology to make work easier and more efficient. We foster data-driven and innovative solutions.

Association Services

We customize our services to meet your needs. Typical services include:

Property Management. Our comprehensive property management services include concierge, maintenance, system improvements and administration. View our property management services.

Financial Management & Reporting. Our financial reports are designed for ease of understanding. Financial notes and invoices can be accessed by board members and owners through our owner portal.

Risk Management. Our legal and compliance team annually reviews potential risks and proposes financial, legal and insurance related strategies to minimize them.

Technology. We implement digital platforms to provide real time account balances, online common charge payment options, board communication, newsletters, account histories of fines and leases, and work order ticketing and status reports.

Cost Control. We have trusted relationships with regional contactors, tradespeople, and vendors that help reduce association expenses, including insurance premiums, debt expenses, and service contracts.

Board Training. We teach board members how to better understand and monitor financial statements; how to run productive meetings; and how to be an effective board member.

Reporting. Measuring progress is a critical component of association management. We report progress in four areas:

  • Board Management Best Practices & Training
  • Communication
  • Property Management, including Financial Management and Risk Mitigation
  • Innovation & Technology

The Absolute Value Management Difference

The diverse experience of our management team, our approach to relationships, and our white-glove service philosophy are just a few reasons why we stand out.