DOORS & WINDOWS: Improve the look and performance of your house.

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September 22, 2022
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Doors and windows can elevate the look and performance of your house. Choose options to reduce the cost of heating and cooling and to provide added security.

What to look for when choosing windows.

3 Popular Window Designs:

  • Single-hung windows: These are the most common windows you will find. They open from the bottom making maintenance easy
  • Double-hung windows: Similar to single-hung windows but this design allows windows to also open from the top.
  • Casement windows: Popular option for a modern look and energy conservation. These open from left to right.

These are some of the best window brands

Energy Conservation

The right windows can conserve energy and reduce your heating or cooling expenses. There are also different window designs better suited for ventilation and insulation. Here are a few considerations.

The best designs for conserving energy:

  • Casement windows: Better ventilation and seal than classic windows. Yay! No drafts.
  • Skylight windows: High windows allow for escape of heat in the summer and trap heat in the winter. 2 birds, 1 stone.
  • Glass-Block windows: Semi- opaque, can heat up spaces. Best for insulation and privacy.

Designs to avoid:

  • Bay/Bow windows: Draft- prone, if poorly installed.
  • Awning windows: Ventilation is not effective, its design risks the possibility of theft.
  • Fixed windows: No ventilation, high energy gain in warmer seasons.

Wood, Fiberglass or Vinyl?

Wood: The most popular for its classic, timeless look. However it is known to rot, warp and break down overtime compared to the other options. With proper and frequent maintenance of sanding and refinishing, it is possible to maximize your windows longevity. Price range: $600-$1,200.

Fiberglass: The best option if your concern is durability. Fiberglass can withstand severe weather conditions and is the most durable option. High quality fiberglass can last you around 50 years, whereas vinyl Fiberglass doesn’t chip, rot, or warp. Price range: $300-$700.

Vinyl: Maintenance with this option is the easiest, wiping with a clean cloth and some soap will do the job. Vinyl comes in a plethora of colors, no staining or painting needed. However, it is the least durable option, prone to cracking and bending to prolonged weather conditions. Price range: $250-$500.

What to look for when choosing a door?

Best Brands

Popular Door Designs:

  • Craftsman door: This door design is usually done with wood. It is a classic door with a twist, decorative glass panels on top.
  • Ornate door: These doors have a pattern or design on the front of the door. This can be done on wood, steel and fiberglass.
  • Solid door: Solid doors are always a great choice. It is classic, timeless and the various color/wood stains to choose from allow you to customize your home.


Wood: Wood doors bring you a more traditional, classic look. You may prefer this if you have an older house or admire the beauty of quality wood. Wood doors are the least durable, needing replacement after 20- 60 years depending on the type of wood. Wood doors are not fire-resistant and it is the more expensive option. Price range: $500-$5k.

Steel: Steel doors are the most durable, and safest option. It can last well over 100 years and can withstand inclement weather. It is also the best option for energy conservation due to its insulation properties. Maintenance can be a hassle, steel doors are known to dent and scratch and can be hard to repair. Price range: $150-$400.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is a blend of steel and wood. It has the durability and energy conservation qualities of a steel door and depending on the choice of design it can pass off as a wood door. Fiberglass is easier to maintain and can last for 100 years. Price range: $1k-$2k.


When choosing a door, make sure that it will bring you peace of mind and serve as an effective barrier for intruders. For maximum security, consider the following if you are not planning to replace an older door.

  • Update your door frame and replace the hinges.
    Weak frames and hinges are what burglars look for when scouting houses.
  • If there is a glass window in your door, consider reinforcing it.
  • Update or get a security system.
    Here are a few popular options: SimpliSafe, Ring Alarm, Vivint, and ADT.
  • Keep your entry well-lit and clear.
  • Get new locks for your windows.

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