Avoid these Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

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January 14, 2022
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Renovating your kitchen can be a massive yet exciting undertaking. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and make decisions you will regret later. You should never regret a remodeling decision you make because you might be stuck with it for a long time.

Choosing Form over Function

The kitchen is where family and friends congregate. It is the heartbeat of your home. While it may be tempting to up the game with your neighbors and outdo their renovation, consider the functionality.

  • Where will you prep meals? Is it functional to that task?
  • Which way will cabinet doors open? Will they be in the way?
  • Will the refrigerator door stick out too far when open?
  • Do appliances and cabinets have to be accessible for several generations of people?

DIY Remodeling

Unless you are a General Contractor or have experience with renovations, a project of this size should be managed by a licensed professional. Imagine having to tear down a wall or cabinet because you skipped a step with the plumbing or electrical system or your older parents are unable to reach what they need.

Ignoring the Oven Backsplash and Ventilation

As inconsequential as they may seem, these two components are as important as any other aspect of the project. 

Cooking can be messy and create undesirable odors.  

  • Having surfaces that are easy to access and easy to clean is essential, as well as having a good ventilation system. Frequently wiping down wallpaper or paint will eventually cause you to resurface those areas.
  • Invest in a ventilation system to help pull the odors out of the air and vent smoke and heat out of your kitchen. No one wants to smell the fish you cooked two days prior.

Being Married to an Idea That Does Not Work with the Style of Your House

Many people develop tunnel vision and do not consider how the design or color of the kitchen will flow into the rest of the home. Walking from the kitchen into another space in your home can change the entire home’s aesthetic.

Work with an interior designer to plan the best way to make your kitchen flows with the rest of your home.

Not Enough Storage or Counter Space

This is a common mistake when renovating a kitchen. It is as important as the appliances you select.  Having enough space to operate in and store all the items used in a kitchen is critical.  

Consider adding additional storage to the ends of your cabinets with shelving and consider built-in shelving where there is room below or above windows. Reconfiguring the flow or layout of your space to include a peninsula or freestanding island might also be a solution to limited space.

A smart and well-thought-out renovation can make all the difference in the marketability of your home. It is easily the most expensive renovation so be sure to make the changes that please you and also attract prospective future homebuyers.

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