Owner-Occupied Single-Family Homes & Condos

Home management requires expertise in dozens of areas that impact your health, family and lifestyle. Regular monitoring and maintenance of your home is the core or our management plan.

Recommending and implementing the systems and technology that keep your home safe, protect the environment, improve resale value, and facilitate quality time is also part of our comprehensive property management service. When you are ready for that new addition or outdoor entertainment area, we can handle that too.

Property Management

Our property managers have experience with all trades, plus professional appraisal and inspection best practices. This means we apply insight about how all aspects of your home function together to protect and grow value. Services fall into four major areas: concierge, maintenance, home systems, and personal assistance. Learn more.

Construction Management

Our construction management service takes the stress out of home improvement. We handle the complete improvement or construction process from the design phase, through estimating, vetting contractors, monitoring work, final punch lists, and billing. We also advise on the potential tax saving and insurance implications regarding your home improvement options. Learn more.


Communication and personalized service are central to our mission. Our property managers are easy to reach and our concierge is available 24/7/365. Regular updates and reporting make it easy for you to always have a complete grasp on every aspect of your home, including its maintenance schedule, the specifications on systems and equipment, safety and security levels, energy consumption, and how your home improvements are progressing.