Investment Properties

As an investor, you juggle several priorities. You must protect your assets while maximizing property income and appreciation. Just as important is keeping tenant satisfaction high and minimizing vacancy. Finally, you need access to high quality property and real estate industry information to make sound investment and renovation decisions. Absolute Value Management assists in all of these areas:

Property Management

Property management services include concierge, maintenance, system implementation, and personal assistance. Learn more.

Tenant Management

We handle all aspects of the tenant life cycle. We screen tenants, maximize rental income, minimize vacancy, and ensure high tenant customer satisfaction ratings. Learn more.

Construction Management

Our construction managers can take full charge of your renovation or building expansion. Learn more.


Communication and personalized service are central to our mission. Our property managers are easy to reach and our concierge is available 24/7/365. Regular updates and reporting provide a real-time grasp on every aspect of your property, including maintenance schedules, building systems and equipment specifications, safety and security levels, energy consumption, vacancy, and the status of improvements.